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Bite club

Bite Club
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For biters, the biten, and for those who like it a little rough. Sexual or non sexual, it doesn't matter.

Bite club was created many years ago as a joke, but now the word is getting out and more people are joining. Sadists, masochists, and even people who like to bite for fun. Join in! Give advice, post photos, I don't care! Just be active and have fun.

Only a couple rules..
1) If you're trying to have an intelligent argument, do NOT delete comments. This is not your personal journal, this is a community.
2) This isn't a porn or smut community, nor do we approve of abuse in any way.
3) More will come soon when people start to piss me off.

- I'm not an uptight community administrator, you can argue and fight all you want. I won't warn or ban you for that.
- Post all the photos you want as long as they're under a cut.

Owner(Noct) is founder of a few communities. She doesn't post often, but she's always watching.